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Please follow these instructions carefully and you'll have your account up and running in no time. We are going to focus on using Autotweets with Twitter, but you can use this system to post to any social media platform.

Before you get started

Autotweets allows you to set up a series of automated tweets, such as positive affirmations, inspiring quotes and affiliate links.

Before you begin using the system you'll need to choose your target audience. Some great examples for your consideration are self improvement, weight loss and diets, exercise and fitness, forex trading, golf or making money online. I personally use Autotweets to target people interested in the Law of Attraction.

Once you've selected a target audience, create a new Twitter account with this specific audience in mind (or use your existing account if you prefer). Now you can follow the steps below and use Autotweets to automatically feed content to Twitter.

Setting up your account

1. Activate your RSS feeds

Before you can start sharing your Tweets you need to activate your RSS feeds. We are going to create 2 feeds, one is to share Tweets that only contain text, and other is to share Tweets that contain text and images. To activate each feed just click on the links below.

Click here to activate your RSS text feed

Click here to activate your RSS image feed

2. Add your first tweet

Now it's time to add your first Tweet. We only need one Tweet at this stage, just to get the system active. Go to the Your Tweets page and enter your first Tweet. Don't add any images yet. To set up the system your first Tweet should be text only. If you can't think of a Tweet right now then why not share an old classic, such as "Everyday in every way you are getting better and better!"

When you've entered your first Tweet (and clicked save on the Your Tweets page) come back here and continue with Step 3

3. Set your preferred Tweet frequency

Now that you have a Tweet ready to share you need to set your frequency. This is how often we post your Tweets for you. I personally have mine set to every 4 hours, but you can set yours to whatever you choose. To set your frequency pop over to the Account Settings page and select a frequency from the drop down menu.

When you're done, come back here and continue with step 4

4. Set up the Auto-Posting System (x2)

During this step you will make use of a free automation tool that will turn the RSS feeds we activated in step 1 into Tweets on your Twitter account. The tool that we use to do this is provided by a company called IFTTT, which stands for "If This Then That".

You need to complete this step twice. Once for text only Tweets and once for Tweets that also contain images. Each process is very similar with only a very subtle change, so follow the steps below very carefully.

Part One - Setting up auto-posting for text only Tweets

  1. Go to and create or log in to your IFTTT account. (IFTTT is a free automation service)
  2. Once you are logged in, click on your name in the top right, and then select New Applet
  3. Click on the blue 'this'
  4. Type 'Feed' into the search box and select the orange feed icon
  5. Click on 'New Feed Item'
  6. Copy and paste the address below into the box provided...

  7. Click Create Trigger.
  8. Click on the blue 'That'.
  9. Enter 'Twitter' into the search box and select the Twitter option
  10. You will need to be logged into Twitter to authorize your account and give permission for IFTTT to post to your Tweets.
  11. Choose Post a tweet.
  12. In the box you'll notice that it says 'EntryTitle' and 'EntryURL' When you click in this box it changes to {{EntryTitle}} {{EntryURL}}
  13. Delete {{EntryURL}} so that it only says {{EntryTitle}}
  14. Now click outside of the box and you'll see that it says 'EntryTitle' again on a white background with no {{}}
  15. Click 'Create Action'
  16. Click Finish!

Part Two - Setting up auto-posting for Tweets with images

  1. Go to and log in to your IFTTT account.
  2. Once you are logged in, click on your name in the top right, and then select New Applet
  3. Click on the blue 'this'
  4. Type 'Feed' into the search box and select the orange feed icon
  5. Click on 'New Feed Item'
  6. Copy and paste the address below into the box provided...

  7. Click on the blue 'That'.
  8. Enter 'Twitter' into the search box and select the Twitter option
  9. Choose Post a tweet with image.
  10. This time everything is exactly as you need it, so just click on the Create Action button
  11. Click Finish.

5. Add more Tweets!

Everything is now ready for you to fill up your Tweet slots. Below we have provided a list of the very best things to Tweet

1. Affiliate Links

If you want to make money, you need to Tweet some affiliate links. But don't go too crazy, you don't want your account to appear spammy. I tend to add an affiliate link about every 5th Tweet. I have provided a video for you on the Resources page called 'How to Monetize Twitter' that will show you everything you need to know to start Tweeting profit pulling affiliate links in no time.

2. Quotes and Affirmations

Whatever your chosen niche, do a quick Google search for some relevant motivational and inspiring quotes to Tweet to your followers. Quotes and affirmations are incredibly powerful on Twitter because people LOVE sharing them! When people share your Tweets you attract lots more followers.

3. Memes

What's better than an affirmation or quote? An affirmation or quote on an image! In other words.... a meme. Memes are without a doubt your most powerful tool on Twitter, they get shared more than ANYHTING, and people LOVE them. You can create a meme for any affirmation or quote very quickly and easily at

Meme Generator have stacks of ready made witty memes for you to browse through or you can make your own. They have a massive collection of royalty free images that work really well as memes.

Once you've created a meme, simply copy and paste the address of the image into the "image address (URL)" slot on the 'Your Tweets' page. If you are unsure of how to get the address of the image click here for instructions for all popular browsers on Mac and PC. Be sure that you are using the actual address of the image, and not a web-page that displays the image. An image from Meme Generator should have an address that ends with .jpg

Here's an example of a meme I created on Meme Generator earlier today.

PLEASE NOTE - If you add an image you must also include text in your tweet. You can't post an image by itself.

4. Other Photos

You don't have to just post memes, normal photos that are relevant to your niche will also increase your likes and shares. But remember that you need to respect copyright. I use for almost all of my photo needs. They are royalty free (even for commercial use), they are 'cash' free and on 99% of their photos you don't even need to credit the photographer.

Of course, if you are going to post a photo you'll need a place to host it. There are lots of companies that provide free image hosting. An example that you might like to try is They will host your image for you and provide you with the address (URL) that you can then copy and paste into your Tweet slots.

PLEASE NOTE - If you add an image you must also include text in your tweet. You can't post an image by itself.

5. The very latest news updates specific to your niche

You can set up automatic news updates for your niche in just a few minutes. You don't even need to add them to your Tweet slots. You simply use IFTTT to connect a Google Alert RSS feed directly to your Twitter account. I admit that that sounds complicated, but it's really very easy, for full details of how to do this watch the 'How to set up Automatic News Updates' video on the resources page.

6. Articles and blog posts

Whatever your chosen niche, do a search on Google for articles that are related to it. You'll find hundreds and hundreds of articles that are full of interesting content for your followers to enjoy. Simply copy the title of the article as your tweet and add the URL. This is one of the easiest ways to provide lots of very valuable content to your followers.

6. Make money by automatically promoting Autotweets

When a new member signs up to Autotweets from your link you earn 50% of their membership fee for as long as they remain a member.

To take advantage of this system simply add your ClickBank nickname on the Account Settings page and set how often you'd like us to send out a promotion for you (The default is every 3 days). If you are not a ClickBank affiliate click on the link provided on the Account Settings page to create a free affiliate account.

7. Get more followers

Now you're all set! The only thing left to do is get more followers. If you post plenty of memes, quotes and affirmations then you'll notice that after a while, your following begins to build very naturally all by itself. However, you will need to get things started. We have provided a video for you on the Resources page that reveals the easiest and safest way to grow your Twitter following, you can do this manually in less than one minute each day.

I did mention on the video that you can pay a company to do this for you. Unfortunately, Twitter have recently put a stop to automated following, so all of the tools that were previously available to do this have been banned. However, you can outsource this task very easily to a real person without upsetting Twitter, but you will need to allow them access to your Twitter account.

A word of warning... never, never, never buy followers!!!! It's one of the most reliable ways of getting your Twitter account banned and you definitely don't want that.


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